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00001 """This module contains functions and classes used for extracting
endpoint information out of a Yadis XRD file using the ElementTree XML

__all__ = [

from openid.yadis.etxrd import expandService

00016 class BasicServiceEndpoint(object):
    """Generic endpoint object that contains parsed service
    information, as well as a reference to the service element from
    which it was generated. If there is more than one xrd:Type or
    xrd:URI in the xrd:Service, this object represents just one of
    those pairs.

    This object can be used as a filter, because it implements

    The simplest kind of filter you can write implements
    fromBasicServiceEndpoint, which takes one of these objects.
    def __init__(self, yadis_url, type_uris, uri, service_element):
        self.type_uris = type_uris
        self.yadis_url = yadis_url
        self.uri = uri
        self.service_element = service_element

00035     def matchTypes(self, type_uris):
        """Query this endpoint to see if it has any of the given type
        URIs. This is useful for implementing other endpoint classes
        that e.g. need to check for the presence of multiple versions
        of a single protocol.

        @param type_uris: The URIs that you wish to check
        @type type_uris: iterable of str

        @return: all types that are in both in type_uris and
        return [uri for uri in type_uris if uri in self.type_uris]

00049     def fromBasicServiceEndpoint(endpoint):
        """Trivial transform from a basic endpoint to itself. This
        method exists to allow BasicServiceEndpoint to be used as a

        If you are subclassing this object, re-implement this function.

        @param endpoint: An instance of BasicServiceEndpoint
        @return: The object that was passed in, with no processing.
        return endpoint

    fromBasicServiceEndpoint = staticmethod(fromBasicServiceEndpoint)

00063 class IFilter(object):
    """Interface for Yadis filter objects. Other filter-like things
    are convertable to this class."""

00067     def getServiceEndpoints(self, yadis_url, service_element):
        """Returns an iterator of endpoint objects"""
        raise NotImplementedError

00071 class TransformFilterMaker(object):
    """Take a list of basic filters and makes a filter that transforms
    the basic filter into a top-level filter. This is mostly useful
    for the implementation of mkFilter, which should only be needed
    for special cases or internal use by this library.

    This object is useful for creating simple filters for services
    that use one URI and are specified by one Type (we expect most
    Types will fit this paradigm).

    Creates a BasicServiceEndpoint object and apply the filter
    functions to it until one of them returns a value.

00085     def __init__(self, filter_functions):
        """Initialize the filter maker's state

        @param filter_functions: The endpoint transformer functions to
            apply to the basic endpoint. These are called in turn
            until one of them does not return None, and the result of
            that transformer is returned.
        self.filter_functions = filter_functions

00095     def getServiceEndpoints(self, yadis_url, service_element):
        """Returns an iterator of endpoint objects produced by the
        filter functions."""
        endpoints = []

        # Do an expansion of the service element by xrd:Type and xrd:URI
        for type_uris, uri, _ in expandService(service_element):

            # Create a basic endpoint object to represent this
            # yadis_url, Service, Type, URI combination
            endpoint = BasicServiceEndpoint(
                yadis_url, type_uris, uri, service_element)

            e = self.applyFilters(endpoint)
            if e is not None:

        return endpoints

00114     def applyFilters(self, endpoint):
        """Apply filter functions to an endpoint until one of them
        returns non-None."""
        for filter_function in self.filter_functions:
            e = filter_function(endpoint)
            if e is not None:
                # Once one of the filters has returned an
                # endpoint, do not apply any more.
                return e

        return None

00126 class CompoundFilter(object):
    """Create a new filter that applies a set of filters to an endpoint
    and collects their results.
    def __init__(self, subfilters):
        self.subfilters = subfilters

00133     def getServiceEndpoints(self, yadis_url, service_element):
        """Generate all endpoint objects for all of the subfilters of
        this filter and return their concatenation."""
        endpoints = []
        for subfilter in self.subfilters:
                subfilter.getServiceEndpoints(yadis_url, service_element))
        return endpoints

# Exception raised when something is not able to be turned into a filter
filter_type_error = TypeError(
    'Expected a filter, an endpoint, a callable or a list of any of these.')

00146 def mkFilter(parts):
    """Convert a filter-convertable thing into a filter

    @param parts: a filter, an endpoint, a callable, or a list of any of these.
    # Convert the parts into a list, and pass to mkCompoundFilter
    if parts is None:
        parts = [BasicServiceEndpoint]

        parts = list(parts)
    except TypeError:
        return mkCompoundFilter([parts])
        return mkCompoundFilter(parts)

00162 def mkCompoundFilter(parts):
    """Create a filter out of a list of filter-like things

    Used by mkFilter

    @param parts: list of filter, endpoint, callable or list of any of these
    # Separate into a list of callables and a list of filter objects
    transformers = []
    filters = []
    for subfilter in parts:
            subfilter = list(subfilter)
        except TypeError:
            # If it's not an iterable
            if hasattr(subfilter, 'getServiceEndpoints'):
                # It's a full filter
            elif hasattr(subfilter, 'fromBasicServiceEndpoint'):
                # It's an endpoint object, so put its endpoint
                # conversion attribute into the list of endpoint
                # transformers
            elif callable(subfilter):
                # It's a simple callable, so add it to the list of
                # endpoint transformers
                raise filter_type_error

    if transformers:

    if len(filters) == 1:
        return filters[0]
        return CompoundFilter(filters)

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