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openid::store::sqlstore::SQLStore Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for openid::store::sqlstore::SQLStore:

openid::store::interface::OpenIDStore openid::store::sqlstore::MySQLStore openid::store::sqlstore::PostgreSQLStore openid::store::sqlstore::SQLiteStore

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Detailed Description

This is the parent class for the SQL stores, which contains the
logic common to all of the SQL stores.

The table names used are determined by the class variables
C{L{settings_table}}, C{L{associations_table}}, and
C{L{nonces_table}}.  To change the name of the tables used, pass
new table names into the constructor.

To create the tables with the proper schema, see the
C{L{createTables}} method.

This class shouldn't be used directly.  Use one of its subclasses
instead, as those contain the code necessary to use a specific

All methods other than C{L{__init__}} and C{L{createTables}}
should be considered implementation details.

@cvar settings_table: This is the default name of the table to
    keep this store's settings in.

@cvar associations_table: This is the default name of the table to
    keep associations in

@cvar nonces_table: This is the default name of the table to keep
    nonces in.

@sort: __init__, createTables

Definition at line 31 of file sqlstore.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def blobDecode
def blobEncode
def cleanup
def cleanupAssociations
def cleanupNonces
def getAssociation
def removeAssociation
def storeAssociation
def txn_cleanupAssociations
def txn_cleanupNonces
def txn_createTables
def txn_getAssociation
def txn_removeAssociation
def txn_storeAssociation
def txn_useNonce
def useNonce

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string associations_table = 'oid_associations'
tuple cleanupAssociations = _inTxn(txn_cleanupAssociations)
tuple cleanupNonces = _inTxn(txn_cleanupNonces)
tuple createTables = _inTxn(txn_createTables)
tuple getAssociation = _inTxn(txn_getAssociation)
string nonces_table = 'oid_nonces'
tuple removeAssociation = _inTxn(txn_removeAssociation)
string settings_table = 'oid_settings'
tuple storeAssociation = _inTxn(txn_storeAssociation)
tuple useNonce = _inTxn(txn_useNonce)

Private Member Functions

def _callInTransaction
def _execSQL
def _getSQL

Private Attributes


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