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openid::store::sqlstore::MySQLStore Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for openid::store::sqlstore::MySQLStore:

openid::store::sqlstore::SQLStore openid::store::interface::OpenIDStore

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Detailed Description

This is a MySQL-based specialization of C{L{SQLStore}}.

Uses InnoDB tables for transaction support.

To create an instance, see C{L{SQLStore.__init__}}.  To create the
tables it will use, see C{L{SQLStore.createTables}}.

All other methods are implementation details.

Definition at line 362 of file sqlstore.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def blobDecode
def blobEncode
def cleanup
def cleanupAssociations
def cleanupNonces
def getAssociation
def removeAssociation
def storeAssociation
def txn_cleanupAssociations
def txn_cleanupNonces
def txn_createTables
def txn_getAssociation
def txn_removeAssociation
def txn_storeAssociation
def txn_useNonce
def useNonce

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string add_nonce_sql = 'INSERT INTO %(nonces)s VALUES (%%s, %%s, %%s);'
string associations_table = 'oid_associations'
string clean_assoc_sql = 'DELETE FROM %(associations)s WHERE issued + lifetime < %%s;'
string clean_nonce_sql = 'DELETE FROM %(nonces)s WHERE timestamp < %%s;'
tuple cleanupAssociations = _inTxn(txn_cleanupAssociations)
tuple cleanupNonces = _inTxn(txn_cleanupNonces)
string create_assoc_sql
string create_nonce_sql
string create_settings_sql
tuple createTables = _inTxn(txn_createTables)
tuple get_assoc_sql
tuple get_assocs_sql
tuple get_expired_sql
tuple getAssociation = _inTxn(txn_getAssociation)
string nonces_table = 'oid_nonces'
tuple remove_assoc_sql
tuple removeAssociation = _inTxn(txn_removeAssociation)
tuple set_assoc_sql
string settings_table = 'oid_settings'
tuple storeAssociation = _inTxn(txn_storeAssociation)
tuple useNonce = _inTxn(txn_useNonce)

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