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openid::server::server::Server Class Reference

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Detailed Description

I handle requests for an OpenID server.

Some types of requests (those which are not C{checkid} requests) may be
handed to my L{handleRequest} method, and I will take care of it and
return a response.

For your convenience, I also provide an interface to L{Decoder.decode}
and L{SigningEncoder.encode} through my methods L{decodeRequest} and

All my state is encapsulated in an
L{OpenIDStore<openid.store.interface.OpenIDStore>}, which means
I'm not generally pickleable but I am easy to reconstruct.


    oserver = Server(FileOpenIDStore(data_path), "http://example.com/op")
    request = oserver.decodeRequest(query)
    if request.mode in ['checkid_immediate', 'checkid_setup']:
        if self.isAuthorized(request.identity, request.trust_root):
            response = request.answer(True)
        elif request.immediate:
            response = request.answer(False)
        response = oserver.handleRequest(request)

    webresponse = oserver.encode(response)

@ivar signatory: I'm using this for associate requests and to sign things.
@type signatory: L{Signatory}

@ivar decoder: I'm using this to decode things.
@type decoder: L{Decoder}

@ivar encoder: I'm using this to encode things.
@type encoder: L{Encoder}

@ivar op_endpoint: My URL.
@type op_endpoint: str

@ivar negotiator: I use this to determine which kinds of
    associations I can make and how.
@type negotiator: L{openid.association.SessionNegotiator}

Definition at line 1311 of file server.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def decodeRequest
def encodeResponse
def handleRequest
def openid_associate
def openid_check_authentication

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 decoderClass = Decoder
 encoderClass = SigningEncoder
 signatoryClass = Signatory

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