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openid::server::server::CheckIDRequest Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A request to confirm the identity of a user.

This class handles requests for openid modes X{C{checkid_immediate}}
and X{C{checkid_setup}}.

@cvar mode: "X{C{checkid_immediate}}" or "X{C{checkid_setup}}"
@type mode: str

@ivar immediate: Is this an immediate-mode request?
@type immediate: bool

@ivar identity: The OP-local identifier being checked.
@type identity: str

@ivar claimed_id: The claimed identifier.  Not present in OpenID 1.x
@type claimed_id: str

@ivar trust_root: "Are you Frank?" asks the checkid request.  "Who wants
    to know?"  C{trust_root}, that's who.  This URL identifies the party
    making the request, and the user will use that to make her decision
    about what answer she trusts them to have.  Referred to as "realm" in
    OpenID 2.0.
@type trust_root: str

@ivar return_to: The URL to send the user agent back to to reply to this
@type return_to: str

@ivar assoc_handle: Provided in smart mode requests, a handle for a
    previously established association.  C{None} for dumb mode requests.
@type assoc_handle: str

Definition at line 481 of file server.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def answer
def encodeToURL
def fromMessage
def getCancelURL
def idSelect
def trustRootValid

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple fromMessage = classmethod(fromMessage)

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