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openid::message::Message Class Reference

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Detailed Description

In the implementation of this object, None represents the global
namespace as well as a namespace with no key.

@cvar namespaces: A dictionary specifying specific
    namespace-URI to alias mappings that should be used when
    generating namespace aliases.

@ivar ns_args: two-level dictionary of the values in this message,
    grouped by namespace URI. The first level is the namespace

Definition at line 94 of file message.py.

Public Member Functions

def __eq__
def __init__
def __ne__
def __str__
def copy
def delArg
def fromKVForm
def fromOpenIDArgs
def fromPostArgs
def getAliasedArg
def getArg
def getArgs
def getKey
def getOpenIDNamespace
def hasKey
def isOpenID1
def isOpenID2
def setArg
def setOpenIDNamespace
def toArgs
def toFormMarkup
def toKVForm
def toPostArgs
def toURL
def toURLEncoded
def updateArgs

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list allowed_openid_namespaces = [OPENID1_NS, OPENID2_NS]
tuple fromKVForm = classmethod(fromKVForm)
tuple fromOpenIDArgs = classmethod(fromOpenIDArgs)
tuple fromPostArgs = classmethod(fromPostArgs)

Private Member Functions

def _fixNS
def _fromOpenIDArgs

Private Attributes


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