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openid::consumer::consumer::GenericConsumer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is the implementation of the common logic for OpenID
consumers. It is unaware of the application in which it is

@ivar negotiator: An object that controls the kind of associations
    that the consumer makes. It defaults to
    C{L{openid.association.default_negotiator}}. Assign a
    different negotiator to it if you have specific requirements
    for how associations are made.
@type negotiator: C{L{openid.association.SessionNegotiator}}

Definition at line 518 of file consumer.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def begin
def complete

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string openid1_nonce_query_arg_name = 'janrain_nonce'
dictionary session_types

Private Member Functions

def _checkAuth
def _checkReturnTo
def _checkSetupNeeded
def _createAssociateRequest
def _createCheckAuthRequest
def _discoverAndVerify
def _doIdRes
def _extractAssociation
def _getAssociation
def _getOpenID1SessionType
def _idResCheckForFields
def _idResCheckNonce
def _idResCheckSignature
def _idResGetNonceOpenID1
def _negotiateAssociation
def _processCheckAuthResponse
def _requestAssociation
def _verifyDiscoveryResults
def _verifyDiscoveryResultsOpenID1
def _verifyDiscoveryResultsOpenID2
def _verifyDiscoverySingle
def _verifyReturnToArgs

Static Private Attributes

tuple _discover = staticmethod(discover)
tuple _makeKVPost = staticmethod(makeKVPost)
tuple _verifyReturnToArgs = staticmethod(_verifyReturnToArgs)

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